The PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT OF AURORA, through its Bids and Awards Committee (BAC), invites all eligible contractors registered with and classified by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB), to bid for the hereunder contract:

Name Of ProjectLocationApproved Budget for the Contract
Part 1 Site Development
100 Clearing and Grubbing,
804 Embankment,
Part 2 Warehouse,
403 Metal Structure,
704 Masonry Unit,
803 Structure Excavation,
900 Structural Concrete (Warehouse),
1018 Ceramic Tiles,
1002.2.2 Plumbing Works,
1001.2(a) PVC Pipes (sewerage),
1002(6) Plumbing Fixture,
1003 Carpentry Works,
1006 Steel Doors and Frames,
1013.2.2 Fabricated Metal Roofing Accessories,
1013.2.3 Roof Ventilators,
1014 Pre-Painted Metal sheets,
1027 Cement Plaster Finish,
1032(2) Painting,
100(14) Octagonal Junction Boxes,
100(15) PVC Pipes,
1100(1) RSC Conduit Pipe,
1101(6) Duplex Receptacles, ACU and Generator,
1101(3) Two -Gang Tumbler Switch,
1101(1) Electric Wires,
1100(11) Rubber Tapes,
1102 Power Load, CTR Switch Gear & Panel Board,
Special 1 Mobilization/ Demobilization,
Special 2 Occupational Safety and Health Program,
Special 3 Project Signboard,
Special 4 Project Signboard (COA),
Part 3 Multi-Purpose Drying Pavement,
900 Structural Concrete (MPDP),
200 Agg. Sub-Base Course
I General Requirements,
I.1 Mobilization/ demobilization,
I.2 Setting out and stacking,
I.3 Construction Safety and Health Program,
I.4 Project Billboard (PGA),
I.5 Project Billboard (COA),
103(1)a Structure Excavation (Common Soil),
104(1)b Embankment from Roadway Excavation,
511(1) Gabions,
511(2) Mattresses
I.1 Mobilization/ Demobilization,
I.2 Setting out and Staking,
I.3 Construction Safety and Health Program,
I.4 Project Signboard,
I.5 Project Billboard/ Signboard (COA),
100(1) Clearing & Grubbing (with Stripping),
105(1) Subgrade Preparation, (common materials),
104(1)a Embankment (from Borrow),
200 Aggregate Subbase Course,
311(1)a.2 PCCP Conventional Method (200mm thk)

Prospective bidders should possess a valid PCAB License applicable to the contract, have completed a similar contract with a value of at least 50% of the ABC, and have key personnel and equipment available for the prosecution of the contract.  The BAC will use non-discretionary pass/fail criteria in the Eligibility Check/Screening as well as the Preliminary Examination of Bids.  The BAC will conduct post-qualification of the lowest calculated bid.

The pertinent provisions of RA 9184 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) shall govern all particulars relative to Eligibility Statement and Screening, Bid Security, Performance Security, Pre-bidding Conference, Evaluation of Bids, Post Qualification and Award of Contract.

The schedule of BAC activities is as follows:

1.  Issuance of Bid DocumentsAugust 30, 2022-September 19, 2022
2.  Pre-bid ConferenceSeptember 7, 2022, @ 10:00AM
3.  Submission of Eligibility and BidsSeptember 19, 2022 until 9:00 AM
4.  Opening of BidsSeptember 19, 2022 @ 10:00 AM
  • Pre-Bid Conference/ Opening of Bids’ date is automatically re- scheduled to the next working day whenever such date is declared a holiday.

The BAC will issue to prospective bidders Eligibility Forms at BAC Secretariat Office, Capitol Compound, Baler, Aurora, upon their submission of a LOI. tuneup utilities 2018 crack Prospective bidders shall submit the Eligibility Requirements to the BAC at the said address.  They may also obtain the results of the

Eligibility Check by the BAC at the same address. Bids document will be available only to prospective bidders upon payment to the Provincial Treasurer’s Office (PTO) of the Provincial Government of Aurora (PGA) of non-refundable amount for the following approved budget for the contract: plumbytes anti-malware key  

P                                        500,000.00               –                       below                        =                  P                      500.00

                                             500,001.00              –                       1,000,000.00           =                                       1,000.00

                                          1,000,001.00              –                       5,000,000.00           =                                        5,000.00

                                          5,000,001.00              –                     10,000,000.00           =                                      10,000.00

                                        10,000,001.00              –                     50,000,000.00           =                                      25,000.00

                                        50,000,001.00              –                 500,000,000.00           =                                      50,000.00

The Provincial Government of Aurora assumes no responsibility whatsoever to compensate or indemnify bidders for any expenses incurred in the preparation of the bid. Only those who have purchased the Bidding Documents shall be allowed to participate in the pre-bid conference and raise or submit written queries or clarifications.  The PGA also reserves the right to reject any or all bids, to declare the bidding a failure or waive any defect or informality and to accept bids as may be considered most advantageous to the PGA. malwarebytes activation key 2018