Figuring out where to take your business is a major move. When you’re making that decision, consider Aurora.

Take into account its vast natural resources, highly literate and skilled workforce, business friendly environment and the overall quality of life it offers – factors that will give you the edge in a highly competitive business environment.

Strategically located on the Eastern seaboard of Luzon, Aurora is flanked by the great trade route of the Pacific Ocean, a critical entry point to the huge markets of Southeast Asia and the rest of the Asia Pacific region.

Rounding up the many reasons why you should choose Aurora is the innate charm and beauty of the province: a long coastline, lush forests, a rich history and culture, and a warm and friendly people.

See for yourself the bright prospects that awaits you in Aurora! Potential areas for investment include tourism, renewable energy, high value crops, and livestock production, mariculture, sericulture, food processing and handicrafts and furniture making.