The Official Seal of Aurora Province

The Official Seal that symbolizes the Province of Aurora contains the following symbols and their meaning:

Lalawigan ng Aurora written in forest green color signifies the 70% forest cover of Aurora Province

1979 – the year when the Province of Aurora was inaugurated

Eight (8) Golden Stars – pertain to the eight (8) municipalities of Aurora, namely:
Baler, Casiguran, Dilasag, Dinalungan, Dingalan, Dipaculao, Maria Aurora
and San Luis

Sun with Eight (8) Rays – where the sun rises in Luzon that symbolizes continuous growth in the eight (8) component towns of the province

Sea with Fishing Boat, Rice Paddies and Coconut Trees with Eight (8) Leaves and Eight (8) Nuts – represent the major agricultural industries in the province namely: fishing, coconut and rice

Twin Rocks – main geological survey point in the province San lldefonso Point – signifies the mountainous region where the Province of Aurora lies

Blue and Red Colors of the Insignia – represent the Philippine flag

Different Colors at the Top of the Insignia – the official color of each municipality:
Baler – RED; Maria Aurora – GREEN; San Luis – LIGHT BLUE; Dingalan – LIGHT GREEN; Casiguran – GOLDEN YELLOW; Dilasag – LEMON YELLOW;
Dinalungan – BLUE GREEN and Dipaculao – BLUE