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Welcome to the official website of the Environment and Natural Resources Office (ENRO) under the Provincial Government of Aurora.

Our office is mandated by the government to be the lead unit for environmental and natural resources laws and regulations including those functions and programs that have been devolved by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to the Local Government Unit (LGU) as provided by RA 7160 otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991.

As the Department Head, I will do my utmost to fulfill my duties and functions required to this position.

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ENR Officer


ENRO is the mandated agency of the Provincial Government of Aurora (PGA) to:

  • Supervise and implement the functions devolved by the DENR pusuant to Section 17 of RA 7160 (Local Government Code of 1991), specifically the community-based forestry projects;
  • Management and control of communal forests;
  • Management, protection and maintenance of small watershed areas;
  • Enforcement of laws, rules and regulations in forest protection, coastal resources management, pollution control, environmental protection and small-scale mining.


Aurora is envisioned as a Carbon Sink model of environmental and bio-diversity conservation populated by the empowered and united citizens, under a system of responsive, effective and transparent governance, managed by development-oriented leaders who are aware and supportive of the needs and rights of the people to a just and more humane community that is resilient to climate change.


The ENRO is tasked to manage and implement the various programs/projects and activities in the protection, management and control of communal forest, community-based project areas, maintenance of small watershed areas enforcement of laws, rules and regulations on environmental protection and small-scale mining of the province.

Duties and Functions

JOSEPHINE G. LEANDERCommunity Development Officer II (CDO-II)
OIC-Administrative Division Head
Concurrent Officer-in-charge on GLPK and PTSK
RONALD SAMONTECommunity Development
Assistant I CDA-I/ OIC Forestry
Division Head
ARNOLD DT. JAVARCommunity Development
Assistant  II (CDA-II)/ OIC-
Mining Division Head
MANNY G. DELA PENACommunity Development
Assistant II (CDA-II)/Focal Person on Gender and Dev’t Program
TEODORO C. TORIOCommunity Development
Assistant I CDA-I/ OIC- CRM
Division Head/Focal Person on Aurora Prov’l Climate Change  and PRDP.
NESTOR O. DAGUMANCommunity Development
Assistant II (CDA-II)
BENIDO N. MAMUNTOSCommunity Development Assistant I (CDA-I)
OIC Supply and Property
Liaison Officer
Budget Finance Officer
LAURO DP. TANGHALAdministrative Aide I
MARNELLI D. ALANESAdministrative Aide III
Casual Clerk & Records Officer
JERICK N. GUTIERREZAdministrative Aide III
Casual Clerk
Mining Field Men (8)Mining Field Men in:
San Luis
Ma. Aurora
Nursery Aide (4)Nursery Aides – ENRO Nurseries in:
Wenceslao, Ma. Aurora
Calaocan, Dipaculao
Davil-davilan, Dingalan
PTFSK Field Men (16)PTFSK Field Men in:
Calaocan, Dipaculao (4)
Villa, Ma. Aurora (4)
Canili, Ma. Aurora (4)
Caragsacan, Dingalan (4)
Clerk/Admin. Aide (1)Clerk/Admin. Aide

Organizational Structure

Citizen’s Charter


To promote transparency in the PGA – Provincial Environment and Natural Resources with the regard to the manner of transacting with the public through the simplification of frontline service procedures, formulation of service standards for every transaction, and making these known to the customer.


An Ordinance No. 98-34 enacted February 17, 1998, by the Provincial Government of Aurora to discharge functions and responsibilities on the environment and natural resources devolved to Local Government Unit based on Local Government Code of 1991.

An Ordinance No. 98-34 enacted February 17, 1998 by the Provincial Government of Aurora to discharge functions and responsibilities on environment and natural resources devolved to Local Government Unit based on Local Government Code of 1991.

Core Function

  • Create an environmental friendly community, well planned and ecological balance.
  • Encourage people to develop concern and participate in environmental protection program.
  • To educate the sense of responsibility to every individual so as to maintain a lively and healthy community.

Frontline services

  1. Availment of Forest Tree Seedlings for Tree Planting Activities
  2. Availment of Permit thru Provincial Mining Regulatory Board (PMRB)
    • Commercial Sand and Gravel Permit (CSAG)
    • Industrial Sand and Gravel Permit (ISGP)
    • Exclusive Sand and Gravel Permit (ESGP)
    • Small Scale Mining permit (SSMP)
    • Government Gratuituous Permit (GGP)
    • Private Gratuituous Permit (PGP)
    • Ore Transport Permit (OTP)

Exclusive Sand and Gravel Permit

Any qualified person may apply for an Exclusive Sand and Gravel Permit (MGB Form No. 8-4B) with the Provincial Governor/ City Mayor through the Provincial/City Mining Regulatory Board for extraction, removal and utilization of sand and gravel and other loose or unconsolidated materials from public land for its own use covering an area of not more than one (1) hectare for a non-renewable period not exceeding sixty (60) calendar days and a maximum volume of fifty (50) cubic meters. Provided, That there will be no commercial disposition thereof.

Government Gratuitous Permit

Any Government entity/instrumentality in need of quarry, sand and gravel or loose/unconsolidated materials in the construction of building(s) and /or infrastructure for public use or other purposes.
Period: coterminous with the construction stage of the project but not to exceed one (1) year in public/private land(s)
Allowed area: not more than two (2) hectares.
Requirement: Proposal stating where the materials shall be taken or used and estimated volume needed.

List and Brief Description of Projects, Programs and Services

The ENRO currently consists of five (5) divisions, namely:

  • Forest Management Division
  • Environmental Management Division
  • Mineral Management Division
  • Administrative Division
  • Coastal Resources Management (CRM) Division

The first three (3) divisions were based from devolved functions of the DENR while the Administrative Division is for support services and CRM is the newly created division of ENRO as per approval of Provincial Ordinanc # 174 dated November 11, 2008. The CRM is formerly under the Forest Management Division. Two (2) other functions of the DENR have yet to be devolved to the ENRO, which include Protected Areas and Wildlife and Land Management.

Forest Management Division

  • Enforcement of forest laws in community-based project areas, small watershed areas and communal forests;
  • Provide technical assistance to farmers/beneficiaries of Integrated Social Forestry (ISF) Projects; in order to ensure sustainable and profitable usage of their individual farm lots;
    ISF Areas Location
    • So. Agues, Brgy. Cozo, Casiguran (160.26 ha.)
    • So. Dalugan, Brgy. San Ildefonso, Casiguran, Aurora (135.63 ha.)
    • So. Aguan Brgy, Dibet, Casiguran (89.71 ha.)
    • SO. Diametan & Dimanglat. Brgy. Wenceslao, Ma. Aurora (311.56 ha.)
    • Barangay Gupa, Dipaculao (60.71 ha.)
    • Barangay Davil-davilan, Dingalan (173.77 ha.)
    • Barangay Paltic, Dingalan, Aurora (136.64 ha.)
    • So. Kalaptin, Brgy. Dibalo, San Luis (101.31 ha.)
    • Brgy. Calaocan, Dipaculao (274.7 ha.)
  • Assists component municipalities in the formulation and implementation of Forestry Land-Use Plan (FLUP).
  • Develop a Provincial FLUP based on the plans submitted by the Municipal LGUs;
  • Operation and maintenance of Forestry Nursery;
  • Conduct Massive IEC campaigns which include production and distribution of forestry-related leaflets, signboard postings, and radio advertisements;
  • Other/Special Program: National Greening Program, Provincial Bamboo Development Council.

Environmental Management Division

  • Assist LGUs in the formulation and implementation of the Solid Waste Management Plan and Ordinance;
  • Implementation and monitoring of Provincial 10-year ESWM Plan based on the plans submitted by the Municipal LGUs;
  • Conduct massive IEC campaigns and consultation/dialogue with concerned officials, Barangay Captains, Municipal Mayors and other key stakeholders in the implementation of RA 9003, pollution control and other environmental laws;
  • Facilitate the conduct of provincial environmental programs/activities, namely: Gawad Punong Lalawigan para sa Kapaligiran, International Earth Day Celebration, Environmental Moth Celebration, Coastal Clean-up Month and Climate Change Program;
  • Implementation of Provincial Capitol Enhanced Solide Waste Management Program;
  • Facilitate meetings of Provincial SWM Board and Provincial Urban Environmental Managemenet Core Group (PUEMCG); and
  • Operation and maintenance of Provincial Task Force Sagip kalikasan.
    4 Monitoring Checkpoints
    • Barangay Villa, Ma. Aurora, Aurora
    • Barangay Caragsacan, Dingalan, Aurora
    • Km. 18 Barangay Calaocan, Dipaculao, Aurora
    • So. Canili, Barangay San Juan, Ma. Aurora, Aurora

Mineral Management Division

  • Enforce Small-scale mining laws subject to policies, standards and guidelines of the DENR-MGB.
  • Facilitate activities/programs of Provincial Mining Regulatory Board (PMRB).
  • Monitor quarry operations within the jurisdiction of Aurora province.
  • Continuously conduct IEC dissemination, meeting and consultation/dialogue with key stakeholders regarding mining laws.
  • Closely coordinate with quarry operators, Barangay Captains, Mayors, and concerned agencies of Aurora Province regarding the strict implementation of RA 7942, otherwise known as the Philippine Mining Act of 1995.

Administrative Division

  • Directs and supervises personnel administration, budget preparation and control of general services, supplies and records management, general electrical, janitorial, security, transportation, property utilization, and maintenance and repairs which are necessary to internal operation of the office.
  • Prepares vouchers, payrolls and other documents for office personnel.
  • Prepares monthly, semi-annual and annual reports of ENRO activities.

Coastal Resources Management Division

  • Formulation and implementation of Coastal Resources management Plans.
  • Bay-wide Law enforcement of fishery and CRM laws/ordinances;
  • Biophysical monitoring of Marine Protected Area (MPA) sites;
  • Maintain/rehabilitate Mangrove plantation areas.
  • Conduct IEC campaigns, orientations, presentations and feedbacking to coastal LGUs.

Notable Accomplishments

Forestry Division

  • Provide technical assistance to farmers/beneficiaries of nine (9) devolved Integrated Social Forestry (ISF) Projects with a total of 602 beneficiaries (head of the family) in order to ensure sustainable and profitable usage of their individual farm lot, with a total area of 1,465.82 hectares as per surveyed by DENR.
  • Conduct massive IEC campaigns with the province which include production and distribution of forestry-related leaflets, signboard posting and radio plugging
  • The PGA-ENRO is maintaining a Central Forest Nursery to continuously produce agro-forestry seedlings in order to sustain the demand for planting materials in tree planting activities and National Greening Program of the government of different sectors such as Local Government Units, National Agencies, Private Sectors, Academe and other concerned agencies. For the FY. 2013-2018, a total of 21,200 seedlings have been produced and 17,859 of it were disposed to the public.
  • The PGA and UPLB executed and entered into a MOA to jointly commit and extend full cooperation and support to implement the poverty alleviation and ecosystem restoration adaptive to current climate change in the three ISF areas in Aurora Province through implementation of the project Conservation Forest Villages (CFoV) Program: Preserving the Keystone Tree Species in the Forest of the Province of Aurora. The Project has been designed to promote the conservation and resilience of plant genetic resources, ecosystem and its services amidst human influences and climate change. It aims to conserve biodiversity and other watershed resources through increased connectivity of forest fragments brought about by agro-forestry farms in CFOVs. This project will therefore bring about the establishment of sustainable agro-forestry systems/farms using keystone species as tree components and will capacitate watershed/biodiversity keepers for long-term monitoring plots for biodiversity and other watershed resources.
  • The UPLB assist the PGA through ENROffice and facilitate the preparation of Climate Responsive Integrated Watershed Management Plan for Dibalo/Pingit/Zabali/Malayat (DPZM) River Watershed Forest Reserve in Baler and San Luis, Aurora. It has an estimated lang area of 14,330 hectares. Like other watersheds. DPZM Watershed is also being confronted with the risk and vulnerabilities associated with climate change. Along with the pressure from human activities, climate change threatens the resiliency of these watersheds and the sustainability of water resources and hinge on the sustainability of the above-cited watershed including food security, poverty eradication, healthy ecosystem, human health, peace and order, and climate regulations among several others. It is therefore essential that a comprehensive assessment of the state of these watersheds including the assessment of various natural and anthropogenic stressors on the watershed functions, goods, and services be conducted. This will serve as the foundation for drawing management plans that will guide the implementation of strategies and projects to achieve the resiliency and sustainability of these watersheds.

Environmental Division

  • The PGA-ENRO assisted the formulation, finalization and approval of the Ten Year Solid Waste management Plan of all component municipalities in Aurora Province. At Present, five (5) municipalities have a Resolution approving their Ten Year Solid Waste Management Plan by the National Solid Waste Management Commission.
  • Last February 11, 2016, the Provincial Government of Aurora has been awarded as one of the winners of the LGU Eco Champions, a contest launched by the Green Convergence Philippines and the Environmental management Bureau (EMB) – DENR, in search for the top compliant local government unit across the country when it comes to Philippine Environmental Law.
  • The Province of Aurora received a plaque from the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) Region III during the Environmental Summit held last June 2017 in recognition of the Provincial Government’s support for the Republic Act 9003 otherwise known as the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act
  • Gawad Punong lalawigan para sa Kapaligiran (GPLK), a Province wide Search for the Cleanest and Greenest Municipality, Barangay, Schools, and PGA offices, has been continuously conducted. It is an incentive program sponsored by the Provincial Government of Aurora which acts as a tool in monitoring environmental law compliance of the participating units and enures that waste segregation is practiced, waste receptacles are maintained and the use of “throw away materials” is reduced, if not avoided.
  • Provincial Task Force Sagip Kalikasan is continuously managed and operated along with the province through it’s four (4) checkpoints located at Barangay Calaocan, Dipaculao, Aurora; Barangay Villa Aurora and San Juan, Maria Aurora, Aurora; and Barangay Caragsacan, Dingalan, Aurora. It aims to protect Aurora’s natural resources, monitor quarry operations, and lessen, if not eradicate the conduct of illegal logging and mining activities in the province. For the FY 2013-2018. the Task Force has confiscated a total of 5,117.41 board feet.
  • Last 2018, the Provincial Government of Aurora through Resolution No. 163 of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan donated to the municipality of Baler a total of 35,840 sq. m. lot area to be exclusively use for establishment of a Sanitary Landfill or other waste management related programs of the municipality.

Mining Management Division

  • In able to comprehensively implement mining laws as determined under R.A. 7942, otherwise known as the Philippine Mining Act of 1995, the ENRO conducted Deputation of PNP personnel and barangay Officials as Apprehending Officers to police mining activities in the province. Together with this, a Consultation/Dialogue on Small Scale Mining program and Policies has been simultaneously conducted.
  • To Ensure that all Small Scale Mining Permittees are obeying rules and regulation set under their respective Permit to Quarry, the ENRO personnel is continuously monitoring quarry operations within the eight (8) component of municipalities of the province.
  • From the FY 2013-2018, a total of P24,510,630.36 has been collected by the province through quarry taxes, fees and penalties.

Coastal Resource Management Division

  • ENRO facilitated Integrated Coastal Resources Management (ICM) Plan Finalization Workshop for LGU Baler and Dipaculao, Aurora last March 4-6, 2014. This workshop is a participatory activity that enhances technical capability of the participants in strategic planning and builds sense of ownership of the plan.
  • In able to protect our province’s coastal resources, the ENR Office is continuously providing technical assistance to coastal municipalities in coastal management planning, establishment of marine protected areas, and biophysical monitoring activities.
  • Comprehensive IEC campaign regarding coastal resources management is continuously conducted.


Contact Information

Mailing AddressENR Office, ATC Compound
Sitio Setan, Barangay Calabuanan,
Baler, Aurora 3200
Email AddressENROAurora@gmail.com
Contact PersonMa. Teresa De Luna, ENR Officer
Contact Number0977-813-8642