Aurora is the premier Green Agro-tourism and investment destination with sustained Biodiversity in Central Luzon driven by Good Governance and inhabited by Resilient and Empowered Citizenry by 2030.


  • To realize an integrated green agro- tourism and investment development involving people’s active participation.
  • To conserve Province’s biodiversity through sustainable management of environment and natural resources.
  • To enhance service delivery mechanism towards resilient and empowered human resources.
  • To implement a system of inclusive, accountable and transparent governance that recognizes the socio- cultural rights along with the economic needs of the people.
  • To promote green innovation, business friendly- environment, economic excellence ans global competitiveness.
  • To establish support infrastructure, facilities and utilities.


1. Purchase, Request, Purchase Order, Gas Slip, Itinenary of Travel, Waste Materials, Reports, Acceptance, & Inspection Report, Application for Leave of Absence

2. Payroll, Check, Voucher, Request for Vehicle, Clearance, Mode of Procurement, Obligation Request Releasing

3. Preparation of Communication (Memorandum Circular Letter, Office Order, etc.)

4. Human Development Program (Conduct of Trainings for PGA officials and employees)

5. Scholarship Program of the Province of Aurora (SPPA)