I. Mandate

The office of the Provincial Administrator is vital because an administrator is truly an alter ego of the Local Chief Executive

  1. Develop plans and strategies and implement the same particularly those which have to do with the management and administration-related programs and projects.
  2. Assist in the coordination of work of all the officials of the local provincial government and convene the chiefs of offices in case needed.
  3. Assist in establishing and maintaining a sound personnel program designed to promote career development.
  4. Conduct a continuing organizational development of the local government unit with the end in view of instituting effective administrative reforms.
  5. Be in the frontline of the delivery of administrative support services, particularly those related to the situations during and in the aftermath of disaster and calamities.
  6. Advise the Governor on all matters relative to the management and administration of the local government unit

II. Vision

The Office of the Provincial Administrator envisions to have an ideal and well-established organization that is truly accountable on its mission and to become a valuable partner of the Governor in carrying out its commitment to the community

III. Mission

To competently realize the agenda of the Provincial Government of Aurora (PGA) and to ensure that it will be attained by the public through the provision of administrative assistance to the Governor and supervision on the overall management of the Provincial Government

IV. Service Pledge

The Office is tasked primarily to provide administrative assistance to the Governor. Time in the office is consumed in evaluating and checking of papers or documents for signature such as:

  • Purchase Request (PR), Mode of Procurement, Voucher, Check
  • Travel Order (TO), Request of Vehicle, Trip Ticket and Gas Slip
  • Payroll, Obligation Request (OR), Requisition Issue Slip (RIS)
  • Leave, Clearance
  • Inspection and Waste Materials Reports
  • Application for Loan with the Financial Institutions based in Aurora

Organizational Chart