Aligned with the vision of the province of Aurora, our office will do it’s best to provide services that put to core the rights of people to a just and more humane society. Needless to state, to be able to achieve such a goal, we will endeavor to cultivate a culture of responsiveness, effectiveness, and transparency in all our dealings with our stakeholders.



The Provincial Warden’s Office is in the forefront of ensuring the safety, reformation and rehabilitation of the society who are in conflict with the law and committed in the Aurora Provincial Jail.


As an agency of the Provincial Government of Aurora, the Provincial Warden’s Office aims to maintain the human dignity of the member of the society who is in conflict with the law, toward this end, this institution endeavors effective and efficient to carry out its custodial and reformation functions as one of the Pillars of Justice.


  1. Guards prisoners in their confinement and works on rotating shift.
  2. Keeps PDL under constant surveillance and performs cells check to be sure that they are accounted for, that discipline is maintained and the extraordinary contact between PDL is kept to the minimum.
  3. Guards PDL in motor transport moving from the prison to court and in return.
  4. Guard PDL on outside work detail where PDL are doing cutting, cleaning, rebuilding or other laboring tasks.
  5. Keeps constant check on number and physical appearance to assure that concealed weapons, tool or other type materials are disposed.
  6. Maintain discipline among PDL with the least result to physical contact.
  7. Report the sick, injured or unruly PDL immediately to senior or supervising guard.
  8. Assists in fingerprinting PDL upon their entry and departure in the prison.
  9. Maintain frequent practice in using the small arms assigned to the prison.

Organizational Structure

Citizen’s Charter

List and Brief Description of Projects, Programs, and Services


  1. Stair Covered Walk at the women detention building.  The project to be implemented through public bidding will provide 100% of the female PDLs house in female detention building. That the female PDL are hard to go up stair during rainy and sunny days because there is no stair covered walk in their facilities.
  2. Visiting Area at the women detention building. The project to be implemented through public bidding will accommodate large number of visitors who visits their relatives who are detained in these institutions. The said facility has no convenient and comfortable place where visitors can stay as they visit their relatives. It will give the PDL and their families a proper place to talk to and also the time for their family bonding.


  1. Livelihood – It gives resources to PDL that may sustain their daily hygiene needs, and may help financially to their families. A preparation of the PDL release from prison as they start their lives outside world.
  2. Education – Alternative Learning System are given to the PDL who are interested to finish their studies.


  1. Religious Services – Different religious sect are welcome to this institution. It may lessen the hardship of the PDL inside the prison during the time they are separated from their families. They also give spiritual advises and teachings that helps the PDL to change their lifestyle and doings.

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Mailing AddressAurora Provincial Jail
Sitio Curva, Brgy. Suklayin,
Baler, Aurora
Contact NumberGlobe Landline – 4183370110253404
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