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Like any other governments in the Philippines, Aurora recognizes the importance of cooperatives in the lives of common Filipino people. The advent of the 1991 Local Government Code has given birth to the Provincial Cooperatives in faithful obedience to the constitutional mandate of fostering the creation and growth of cooperatives as a practical vehicle for promoting self-reliance and harnessing people power towards the attainment of economic development and social justice.

Cooperative as a way of life has sharpened the faces of the men and women beset with the drudgeries of poverty in the countryside. By joining the cooperatives, people expose themselves to the light of understanding cooperative principles and methods, thus far become empowered by the system and processes. Together, they break the shackles that perpetuate the evidence-based state of being poor.

For Aurora, I strongly believe that there is no other way than the cooperative way that offers an alternative economic model where every Juan dela Cruz carves out into social and financial inclusion, develops his entrepreneurial behavior and leadership, and charts his own destiny as a free individual in our present society.

Think “Cooperatives for Development.” Join now. Let us cooperate today and tomorrow.

Provincial Cooperatives Officer
Province of Aurora


  1. Formulate plans and strategies for the development of cooperatives arising from the need to ensure delivery and provision of access to basic services and facilities;
  2. Integrate cooperative principles and methods in local programs, projects and activities and establish linkages with relevant government agencies and non-government organizations involved in advancing cooperativism in the livelihood of the people and community activities; and
  3. Assists in the organization of cooperatives and provide technical guidance, financial assistance and other forms of assistance to existing cooperatives to enhance their viability as economic enterprises and social organizations and foster an institutional environment conducive to the growth and development of cooperatives.


An empowered community through strong, viable and functional cooperatives as catalyst and committed partners for socio-economic development of Aurora Province.


  1. To come up with annual organizational assessment of existing cooperatives in terms of their respective financial and operational capacities and their viability to undertake economic enterprise or business to provide for the socio-economic well-being of their members in particular and immediate community in general;
  2. To continue to provide relevant education and appropriate trainings to existing and newly organized cooperatives emphasizing the principle of helping people help themselves; and
  3. To continue to provide technical assistance and funding support to coops-initiated or community-managed programs and projects.

Service Pledge

“Marangal, Matapat at Mahusay na Pag-lilingkod.”

Table of Contents

Organizational Structure

  1. Developed internal capacity among cooperatives officers & members and increased level of professionalism in all operating cooperatives;
  2. Increased operating cooperatives complying with regulatory requirements of Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), Bureau of Internal Revenue and other agencies;
  3. Increased involvement of women in cooperative development.

Frontline Services

List and Brief Description of Projects, Programs and Activities


From CY 2013 – 2018

Contact Information

Mailing AddressProvincial Cooperatives Office
ATC Compound, Sitio Setan
Barangay Calabuanan, Baler, Aurora
Contact Number0977-806-4753
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