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Welcome to the homepage of the Provincial Engineering Office-Aurora Province. We are delighted to see you exploring our website. By scrolling around, you should be able to learn about our significant programs, our dynamic staff and personnel and our leading edge projects and facilities.

We are passionate and committed to serve the public, the community and the whole Province of Aurora. Our goals shall always be to serve the public effectively and efficiently. As planners and builders, we aim to construct top-notch quality infrastructure projects that are resilient and eco-friendly; and to undertake maintenance, construction, improvement and betterment of all provincial roads, and public infrastructures that will allow our people and the future generation to live better lives.

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Provincial Engineer


Provincial Engineering Office aspires for quality and sustainable infrastructure projects that respond to the developmental needs of Aurora and improve the quality of lives of its people.


We are committed:

To be professional Planners and Builders, ready to serve the public effectively and efficiently.

To construct good quality infrastructure projects that can withstand time with less hindrances/problems.

To undertake the maintenance, construction, improvement and betterment of all Provincial Roads, Bridges, Office Buildings, and other Infrastructures that will be of service to the people.



The Office is responsible for the construction, improvement, rehabilitation, maintenance, and repair of all provincial roads, bridges, parks, government buildings and other infrastructure projects of the province. It also provides assistance to the different barangays, municipalities and other agencies including private sectors duly approved by the Governor.

The Office consists of four divisions with specific functions in order to ensure prompt, efficient, and organized implementation of its key strategies. The said divisions are Planning, Designing and Programming Division, Material Testing and Quality Control Division, Construction and Maintenance Division and Administrative Division.


The activities, programs, and services of the Provincial Engineering Office include the following:

  1. Prepare the plans, detailed estimates and bill of materials, program of works of all infrastructure projects, and other special projects and submit these documents to the Provincial Governor for approval.
  2. Provide engineering services to the Local Government Unit, including investigation and survey, engineering design, feasibility studies, and project management.
  3. Administer technical supervision over all engineering officers of component municipalities, and coordinate with the national agencies concerned in the preparation, distribution, and prosecution of infrastructure development of Aurora Province.
  4. Provide immediate assistance during and after calamities for the restoration of destroyed infrastructure and other barangay facilities.
  5. Manage the upgrading and improvement of various existing facilities of other government agencies as requested and upon approval of the Governor.
  6. Administer, manage, coordinate, and monitor the construction, repair and maintenance, restoration, and improvement of Provincial Roads and existing Provincial Government infrastructures.


Mailing/Office AddressCapitol Compound, Brgy. Suklayin
Baler, Aurora, 3200
Contact NumberRodante A. Tolentino
Provincial Engineer
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