The Provincial Equipment Pool Office along with the Provincial Governor of Aurora provides equipment support for the road maintenance, infrastructure and other projects of the PGA implemented by the PEO, within the eight municipalities of the province.


Recognized as the backbone and implementing Arm of the Province of its infrastructure and development projects. Make the equipment pool more effective partners in the province development and/ or national development.


To make improve the equipment pool management and develop an effective and efficient system of equipment use. To upgrade the engineering capability to implement and maintain infrastructure projects, implemented by the PEO. To improve basic services to the people and needs of province inhabitants.

Planning Approach

In order to evolve Equipment Pool Plan and proposition, an in-depth study and analysis of the past and present operations the PEPO is necessary. Review of its main function on the management of Light and Heavy Equipment, in support to PEO the implementing arm of the province in terms of infrastructure and development projects, the organizational set-ups, plantilla of personnel, equipment and financial conditions are to be considered. Problems and constraints are to identify objectives, targets and programs are to be enumerated and clearly defined.

In this plan preparation, planning concept and rationale of costing set forth, the Equipment Pool Management manual is used. Specifically the number of equipment, personnel, spare parts, facilities and utility requirements is basically dependent on the length, kinds, quality and types of roads and bridges being maintained.

Major Functions

The PEPO plays a major role as the backbone of the PEO in the physical developmental aspects of the locality. The PEPO’s functions support the government programs in terms of equipment needs.

Its major functions lie on the repair and maintenance of light and heavy equipment of the province, mandated to ensure the effective and efficient management system of equipment. Support various provincial projects undertaken by the Provincial Government of Aurora.

To maximize operational effectiveness of this office, factors are to be considered that will affect the functions, such as facilities and utilities, the equipment and tools management, shop and safety maintenance, warehousing and supply management techniques, and trainings of personnel in respective job of specialization.

Functions of the Division

 Administrative Division

Under the general direction of the Department Head exercises direct administrative and coordinative role in the operation of the Department or between departmental activities.

Perform highly diversified and very complex task within a delegation of management authority.

This is a division with the highest discharge of administrative and managerial functions within a department or area of administrative responsibility next to that of the legally empowered head or assistant.

Repair and Maintenance Division

This division is responsible for the repair, reconditioning, servicing and rehabilitation of motor equipment and other mechanical equipment.

Equipment Operation Division

This division is responsible for the maintenance of provincial roads as per planned and programmed by Provincial Engineering Office. Provide equipment support services for Barangay, Municipal and other national government agencies for the development of the Province if Aurora as per approved by the Provincial Governor.

Planning, Programming/Monitoring Division

Responsible for the preparation of plans and programs related to the fleet. Maintains sufficient reporting systems to keep up with needed flow of information.

Prepares necessary documents for approved rentals of equipments. Monitoring of all operation on site.


Primarily, the Provincial Equipment Pool Office is created whose functions shall be:

  1. To modify the present set-up of staff complement of the Provincial Equipment Pool Office in order to minimize bureaucracy which hampers the delivery of effective service;
  2. To take charge to the upkeep, repair and maintenance of light and heavy equipment of the province.
  3. To make the PEPO self-reliant in generating and managing financial resources.
  4. To established a system that will streamline its procurement procedure and policies.
  5. To optimize the utilization of equipment pool personnel.

This Equipment Pool Office is established to control, store, issue and deliver equipment, spareparts, and other supplies and materials needed for their operations. It should be adequately manned and equipped to undertake repair work on light and heavy equipment, to rehabilitate and do limited fabrication and to implement an equipment inspection and preventive maintenance program.

Personnel organization must be as simple as possible but adequate enough to cope with the equipment needs of the province. The number of personnel should be in its minimum without sacrificing operational efficiency. It should be designed in such a way that chain of command and inter-section relationship is familiarize for effectiveness in operation.

The existing organizational structure of the Provincial Equipment Pool Office has a nineteen (19) permanent, six (6) casual and twenty seven (27) Job Order personnel assigned in the different division. The organizational structure of this office has four (4) major divisions, namely; the Repair and Maintenance Division, Planning/ Programming & Monitoring Division, Equipment Operation Division and Administrative Division. It is believed that if the personnel requirement has been fully attained, the PEPO will effectively support the PEO for the implementation of all the projects funded by the PGA.


Programs and Services

  • Repair and Maintenance of light and heavy Equipment.
  • Maintenance of Provincial roads.
  • Support services ( LGU’s and other national agencies).
  • Private entities.

Recently Conducted Field Operations and Support Services

  • To assist and supervise clearing and loading gravel and sand at Dilasag, Aurora.
  • Dredging of Umiray River at Sitio Ferry Umiray, Dingalan, Aurora
  • To improve Sanitary Landfill Level I located in Brgy. Toytoyan Dipaculao,  Aurora.
  • Loading and hauling gravel and sand at Brgy. Borlongan Dipaculao, Aurora.
  • Hauling gravel and sand at Brgy. Calabuanan Baler, Aurora.
  • Hauling gravel and sand at Brgy. Gupa Dipaculao, Aurora for the improvement of People Park and become one of the tourist spot.
  • Hauling of gravel and sand at Baler Central School.
  • Hauling of gravel and sand at Aurora National High School Brgy. Reserva Baler, Aurora.
  • Hauling of gravel and sand (Farm to Market road) at Sitio Hiwalayan Brgy. Bacong San Luis, Aurora.
  • Hauling at 91st Infantry Battalion at Calabuanan Baler, Aurora.
  • Inspected of condition of road at Casiguran-Dilasag, Dinapigue Provincial road.
  • Inspected of condition of Heavy Equipment at Sub-Capitol Casiguran, Aurora
  • Loading and hauling of gravel and sand at Dilasag, Aurora.

Contact Information

Mobile Number:Engr. Ronald Turaja