The Provincial Human Resource Management Office (PHRMO) was established as a separate department in the Provincial Government of Aurora (PGA) by the Provincial Ordinance No. 184 on January 26, 2010. Its major function is to continue the PGA development with the end in view of instituting effective human resource management and development reforms in four core HR systems: 1)Recruitment, Selection & Placement; 2)Learning & Development; 3) Performance Management System; and 4) Reward & Recognition.

Now, we are aspiring to elevate HRM to Center of Excellence for Human Resource and Organizational Development to achieve the PRIME-HRM (Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management) Maturity Level II Accreditation. It will imply our ability to demonstrate readiness to exercise delegated HR functions, crafting operations, automating systems, and many others.


We envision to observe and promote ethical behavior, professionalism, and accountability; ensure competence, productivity, and performance-based security of tenure; and optimize use of modern technologies and systems in service delivery.


To provide a system of effective and efficient basic services to every dedicated public servant.

Duties and Functions

  • Develop plans, strategies and policies of human resource management and development and implement the same upon approval thereof by the governor;
  • Conduct continuing organizational development with the end in view of instituting effective human resource management reforms;
  • Be in the frontline in establishing and maintaining personnel development programs designed to promote the career development and uphold merit and fitness principle in the local government service;
  • Recommend to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan and advise the Governor on all matters relative to the human resource development of the province;
  • Assist the Office of the Provincial Administrator in coordinating and monitoring the work programs of all provincial offices with the end in view of effectively installing and implementing the Performance Evaluation System;
  • Coordinate with the Civil Service Commission and other related Government and Non-Government institutions on all other matters and concerns pertaining to the human resource development;
  • Maintain a centralized record of personnel and formulate and implement policies pertaining to its maintenance and disposal;
  • Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance or as may be directed and assigned by the Chief Executive of the Province




  1. Recruitment and Selection Program
    • Appointment of co-terminous, permanent and casual
  2. Career and Personnel Development
    • Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS)
  3. Personnel Records Management
    • Service Record
    • Cert. of Employment
    • Storage and Maintenance of Personnel’s 201 Files
  4. Leave Administration
    • Leave Credits
  5. Compensation and Personnel Benefits
    • Payroll
    • Notice of Salary Adjustment
    • Notice of Step Increment
    • Payslip
  6. Retirement Services
    • Basic Requirements
    • Supporting documents
  7. Information Dissemination Services
    • Publication of Vacant Positions
    • Memorandum
    • Hosting of Flag Ceremony
  8. Technical Assistance on HRM Concerns
    • Queries, Opinions, Pieces of Advice
    • CSC Policies Programs and Activities
    • GSIS
    • PhilHealth
    • Pag-ibig
    • LBP
    • DBP

CY 2013-2018


In line with the Revised Policies on Employee Suggestions and Incentive Awards System (ESIAS) provided under CSC Resolution No. 010112 and CSC MC No. 01, S. 2001, the Provincial Government of Aurora adopted the Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE). It is designed to encourage creativity, innovativeness, efficiency, integrity and productivity in the public service by recognizing and rewarding officials and employees, individually or in groups, for their suggestions, inventions, superior accomplishments and other personal efforts which contribute to the efficiency, economy or other improvements in government operations, or for other extraordinary acts or services in the public interest. It adheres to the principle of providing incentives and awards based on performance, innovative ideas and exemplary behaviour that likewise give emphasis on the timeliness of giving award or recognition.


Loyalty incentive is granted to employee who has served continuously and satisfactorily in the Provincial Government of Aurora for at least ten (10) years.  The recipient shall be entitled to a cash award of in the amount of one thousand pesos (Php 1,000.00) per year during the first ten (10) years.  Succeeding awards shall be given every five (5) years thereafter.  Aside from the cash award they also receive certificate or appreciation and/or recognition.

From FY 2014 to FY 2018, a total of 580 employees were recognized and awarded.

In FY 2017, additional incentive was also granted to employees in the form of appliances who rendered 20 years and above in the service. From FY 2017-2018, a total of 101 employees were awarded.

In FY 2017, appliances awarded to retirees who rendered 20 years and above in the service. From FY 2017-2018, a total of 3 employees were awarded.


Loyalty incentives of the employee enabled a greater impact on the performance and productivity of each employee being recognized. As a result, the PGA achieves its goal on proceeding in right direction.


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    • Provincial Human Resources Management Office
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