A Province with responsible and healthy families, totally unified in the promotion of Population Management Program towards decent and a quality life.


Provide the people of Aurora with timely, complete and accurate information and education on reproductive health.


The Provincial Population Office (PPO) implements  various development programs based on three (3) program components of the Philippine Population Management Program (PPMP), a directional plan of the national government and also in pursuance to the provisions of Aurora Reproductive Health Care Code of 2005 and the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012 (R.A 10354) which guarantees universal access to methods on contraception, fertility control ,sexuality education and maternal care.

 Conducts information, educational and communication and motivational activities pertaining to responsible parenting and family planning, adolescent health and youth development, pre marriage counseling and population development.

Citizen’S Charter

Programs and Services


  1. Population Management Programs

1.1 Responsible Parenting and Family Planning– is an aggressive and systematic strategy to promote Responsible Parenting and Family Planning (RP/FP).  The core of the strategy is a grassroot  campaign to enhance the awareness of parents on responsible parenthood and family planning.  Further to enable them to be sensitive and committed to caring for their family, community, society, as well as

the nation as a whole.  RP/FP makes couples reflect on responsible parenting as a way of life to attain sustainable human development.

1.1a Pre-Marriage Counseling (PMC) program designed to would-be couples or applicants for marriage license, to provide them with essential information about marriage and relationship responsible parenthood and family planning, Human sexuality, maternal and child health care and Home management. In pursuance to P.D 965 of July 20,1976)  obliging would-be couple/s applying for a marriage license in civil registrar.

1.1.b Responsible Parenting Movement (RPM) a program aims to provide informations to  couple/s about Responsible Parenhood and Famiy planning which enable them to become more responsive,active and effective parents .

1.2. Adolescent Health and Youth Development Program  a program aim to promote the total well – being  of the young people of the province of Aurora. It also aims to assist the youth to avoid early sexual engagement, teenage pregnancies, early marriages, sexually transmitted infections and other psycho-social concerns. It also helps to provide information that will help youth to understand theirs exuality and develop the right values on adolescent health and development, furthermore, Adolescent Health and Youth Development Program helps youth to make responsible decision and prepare them to become a responsible adult and individual.

1.3  Population  and Development (POPDEV) the key program component and strategy essentially seeks to put people as the main consideration in developing policies and program interventions. It recognizes people as the subject and object o development.    Population and Development enable environment for people to achieved their development goals through a well manage population.

1.3.1 KATROPA TRAINING (Kalalakihang Tapat sa responsibilidad at Obligasyon    saPamilya) Kalalakihang Tapat sa Responsibilidad at Obligasyon (KATROPA) is a 2 day Orientation Seminar that aims to train men leaders in the community to advocate and improve male involvements in community which focus in population and development, improve policy environment in maternal, newborn, child and nutrition (MNCHN), gender equality, men`s primary and vital role in responsibleparenthood, family planning which enable then to be more aware, responsiveand effective local legislator and decision maker that eventually influencedevelopment towards population management programs.

1.3.2 BARANGAY POPULATION WORKERS (BPW’S) – there are 151 BPW’S in the province who assist the Population Office and Population workers in every municipality of Aurora pursuant to Provincial Ordinance no. 2003-101 an ordinance recognizing the    Barangay

Service point officers (BSPO’s by pro viding them with benefits and incentives and providing funds therefore as introduced by            Vice Gov. Annabele C. Tangson) and thru Provincial ordinance 2014-204 renaming BSPO’s to Barangay Population Workers (BPW’S)


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