Warmest greetings!

“Know well the condition of your flocks, and give attention to your herds”  Proverbs 27:23

Through the years since our office was institutionalized, we became more resilient to the fast-changing world of production and always challenged by sustainability. But the Provincial Veterinary Office recognized that challenges and came up with more innovative and technology-based programs and projects that basically addressed the needs of the farmers. We are focused on efficient value chains and well-integrated markets that may contribute to inclusive growth and poverty reduction in the province.

We started with difficulties turns out as an opportunity for us to come up with the best services we could provide to our fellow Aurorians. And throughout the process of reaching our goal, we need constantly to take stock of what we are doing. with what resources and strategies, and to what state we have brought the industry with our efforts. Adjustments in all phases of our planning and procedures, when necessary, would then need to be stimulated.

Let’s work together towards one goal and vision for greater livestock and poultry industry in Aurora.

God bless us All!

Dr. Angelo R. Silvestre
Provincial Veterinarian


Vibrant livestock and poultry industry w/ dynamic players that are equipped with technologically advance and competitive skills under sustainable and develop livestock production system.


To ensure the development of livestock sector in Aurora through poverty eradication by the formulation of policies and programs, food security, sustainable development, and people empowerment, provision of adequate technical services in animal health, livestock, and poultry production technology, animal product and by product s utilization.

Duties and Function

Under Local Government Code of 1991 Article 19/ Section 489 Provincial Veterinary Office generally tasked to work with the Local Chief executive as technical support and ensure  the formulation  of necessary measure in the conduct of veterinary related activities as well as  the following duties and functions;

  1. Ensure that Local Government Units provide safe and quality meat for human consumption through slaughterhouses regulations.
  2. Regulate the movement of domestic animal.
  3. Regulate and inspect animal products and by products to ensure the safety of the public.
  4. Enforce all laws and regulations for the prevention of cruelty to animals.
  5. Take the necessary measures to eradicate, prevent or cure all forms of animal diseases.
  6. Frontline provider of veterinary related activities such as in the outbreak of highly-contagious and deadly diseases and in situations resulting in the depletion of animals for work and human consumption.
  7. Provide veterinary related services and supports of aftermath of man-made and natural disasters and calamities.
  8. Provide and develop projects that will ensure increase livestock, poultry and other domestic animals used for work and human consumptions
  9. Deliver livelihood supports through animal production and animal products and by products utilization.

Organizational Structure

Projects, Programs and Services

  • Animal Health Services Program

This attributes in securing necessary tool in a more sustainable livestock and poultry production which provides small farmers and animal holders an assurance to increase their production output through significant provision of the best and quality veterinary health services. Balance and a comprehensive approach in dealing the complexities of changing disease landscapes. This program gives greater emphasis in providing a resilient environment for the animals and address players to cope up especially in areas afflicted by poverty and animal diseases.

Drugs and biologics together with production management system is the major component of the program equipped with technical knowledge of the body are ready to be delivered in all areas of the province.

  • Livestock and Poultry Development Program

This program focused on the specific vision on having a vibrant livestock and poultry farmers with dynamic, technologically advance and competitive farmer under sustainable and develop livestock production system.  Improving production in swine, goat and sheep, cattle and carabao through genetic improvements and technologically based system that are all transferable to all stakeholders in the province.

  • Livestock and Poultry Raisers Livelihood Assistance Program

This provide livelihood assistance through the delivery of livestock (cattle, carabao, goat, and sheep) and poultry (native chicken) animal to identified raisers/farmers associations. The office delivers necessary training supports for the beneficiaries to ensure sustainability of the program.

  • Continuing Education / Extension and Training Supports

The office develops specific program to enhance the technical knowledge of each member to deliver the latest technology and practices in animal production management system. Extend various training related to veterinary practices, activities and management to address management and production issues.

  • Post-Harvest Development Program

The major component of this program is to provide safe meat consumed by the public. It also strengthens local meat vendor, processor, and butchers through new technologies in hygienic slaughtering practices in the province.

  • Trans-boundary Animal Diseases Prevention and Control Program

Delivering effective measures in preventing the entry of priority diseases in the province to protect the current livestock and poultry industry and control the onset of a disease outbreak and the initiation of effective controls such as quarantine checkpoints or provide the necessary technical aids such as laboratory tests and vaccines.


Contact Information

Mailing AddressProvincial Veterinary Office
ATC Compound, Sitio Setan
Brgy. Calabuanan
Baler, Aurora
Contact Number0918-419-3146
Email Addressaurora_Provet@yahoo.com.ph
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/provet.aurora