“Handang Isip, handa Bukas” Virtual Press Conference with Sec. BrionesHere is a part of the reporting of Governor Noveras to the Virtual Press Conference with Sec. Briones of Department of Education.

Good Morning to everyone who is following the ′′ Ready Mind, Ready Tomorrow ′′ Virtual Press Conference today.

It’s a great honor to be invited to share the Programs, Projects and Initiative of the Local Government Units to support the Education Department and ensure that the Youth Education of the AURORA Province continues in the province of AURORA despite the crisis we are facing currently.

I want to inform that the province of Aurora remains in the state of Modified General Community Quarantine and remains COVID-Free province.

Aurora’s Great Today is from great youth who have participated in adequate education. That’s why despite the pandemic we are experiencing right now the province of Aurora must ensure that education will not be left behind instead of any Distance Learning Delivery Modalities that students and parents of different schools can choose from.

To support DepEd here are the LGUs Steps in our province.


SDO-Aurora’s Learning Continuity Plan for LGUs from Special Education Fund. SDS Catalina Paez presented their LCP to the Province of Sangguniang and gave municipal hall a copy to ensure that the Provincial and Municipal LSB assistance will be in one direction.

Because of this, your servant as Chairman of the Provincial Local School Board called a meeting and consultation with PLSB member so that the adjustment of SEF budget will be immediately approved for the Superior to the Learning Continuity Plan of DepEd-Aurora.

I’d say LGUs have been part of DepEd-Aurora’s plan to boost budget and ensure schools are prepared in the province of Aurora for opening class on October 5.
This step also happened in the 8 municipal hall of our province.

Because of this, the Province reserved the following:

5,634,000.00-for printing ADM Modules

620,000.00-office supplies for reproduction of SLRs

210,000.00 – ICT Equipment for LRMDS which includes 1unit wireless presentation and multi-media; 2 units branded laptops and 4 units Pen Tablet

1,530,171.24-E-Learning: project Tablet, It’s 100 units 2 in 1 Tablet PC to be given to students

3,233,000.00 – 179 branded laptops para sa mga selected teachers and SDO personnel

105,000.00-Printer s’ for selected school

2,839,200.00-funded as augmentation in communication or internet molecule of all teachers in the province of Aurora.

The total cost of the said initiative for sap study of students is P14, 171,371.24

As I mentioned, every municipal hall is a partner who made a way to adjust the budget to enhance the support of LGUs and ensure DepEd’s preparation for the coming entrance.

The following are provided funds of each municipal hall:

Baler town provided P2, 716,000.00 for Photocopier, generator, A3 printers, desktops and budget for the hiring of Para-Teachers or Learning Facilitators.

Whereas San Luis town has distributed photocopiers and budget for office supplies for printing ADM Modules with a total value of P800, 000.00;

Also, P1, 877,600.49 is the fund of the Town of Dipaculao for printing ADM modules;

The town of Dingalan provided P950, 000 for printers, foot bath and thermal scanner, and for printing ADM modules;

P444, 500 is what the town of Dinalungan for printers and photocopier machines;

The anti-covid kits, photocopier machine and office supplies for the reproduction of ADM modules with a total budget of P1, 788,000.00 is the town of Dilasag;

The town of Casiguran provided P290, 000.00 funds for laptops, printers, desktops and support for the printing of ADM Modules for schools;

Maria Aurora’s town of Maria Aurora is intended for buying photocopier, prepaid cards and ADM supplies and materials for schooling.

In total the LGUs of the province of Aurora provided a P23, 537,471.24 fund to support any selected Distance Learning Delivery Modalities of schools in SDO-Aurora.


Following the instructions should not be postponed instead of implementing it especially if it is for the goodness or benefit of the youth.

That’s why, when DILG Spokesperson and Undersecretary Jonathan Malaya expressed a plea. Christopher Lawrence Bong Go to use the special education fund (SEF) to support the localization of DepEd’s learning continuity plan and to assist public schools in their areas in adjusting to the ‘ new normal ‘ in learning delivery modalities. It was immediately taken action by the local School Board member in Aurora so there was an adjustment to the budget of SEF to accommodate program and projects supporting the SDO-Aurora Learning Continuity Plan.


All students in Aurora are funded regularly in the province to provide financial assistance in the form of cash. Nowadays, so that LGUs can show support and help with Aurora’s Distance Learning Delivery modalities and help from the province that will be given to students will be ′′ in the form of gadgets ′′ like flash drives, wifi modem, radio, and other equipment depending on modality the selected by students in different schools.


To publicly inform the various events in the Education Department and publicly explain the Distance Learning Delivery Modalities DepEd Aurora is given regular time program in Aurora Now, PGA. Because of this, listeners even in remote areas of province are given information to DepEd’s program.

Also, Radio Kaedup and Radio Kawadi supported by LGU dingalan and Casiguran also used SDO-Aurora’s platform to provide important information to the public regarding opening class, School Brigade, Oplan Back to School and to inform citizens the distance leraning delivery modalities to use to study young people in their area.

The saying is about to be broken but I still believe THAT YOUTH IS THE HOPE OF THE NATION! This will only happen if we can provide good, sufficient and strong education to the youth currently. Surely they are ready to face the challenges and challenges they will face in the future. It opens the door to Aurora’s Excellence Now.

If So Ready to Mind, Ready for Tomorrow! Good morning to all.