03 August 2020

Good day po. Thank you so much to all who sent messages and screenshots of the posts they see on social media.

Based on Executive Order No. 2020-0020, the Provincial Government of Aurora Facebook Page was made official to have the fastest way to spread information, news or updates from PGA in a broader and most accessible way for everyone. The province also took this step to inform the public or general public the programs, projects and activities of PGA to promote transparency of appropriately.

PGA has also taken this step to prevent so-called fake news. Avoid spreading the information from whose accounts. Attitude to get information on Government Agencies via official social media accounts, official website and official statement from our province officials.

Having a positive in COVID-19 is an information that does not come from only to whom. This is an information that our Chief Province needs to officially announce. Let’s avoid leading people who should announce official updates or results.

As the PGA update released from the Provincial Emergency Operation Center (EOC) of Aurora, the province of Aurora remains ′′ covid-19-free “. Let’s continue following the rules of our government. Let’s wear our Face Mask whenever we go out of our homes to perform essential walks. Practice washing our hands and let’s keep 1 meters away from each other.

Let us also be vigilant in our community. You may report or inform the information gathered in your town’s hotlines or provincial EOC hotlines.

Thank you very much. Let’s continue to pray for each and our province.

one Aurora against COViD-19