Senior Citizens (SCs) and Persons With Disability (PWDs) stand to benefit from the program Provincial Government of Aurora. They will receive a social pension to be handed over by the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO). All qualified SCs and PWDs from the eight towns of Aurora will receive the financial assistance this month of April.

The social pension is a program of the Provincial Government of Aurora for senior citizens and PWDs belonging to the poor sector. There are a total of 155 indigent beneficiaries in the sector of PWD and 3,332 indigent beneficiaries in the sector of senior citizens. Each PWD will receive Php 3,000.00 while Php 1,500.00 will be given to each SC.

In an interview with PSWD Officer Aida Rotaquio, PGA staff composed from the Office of the Governor, PSWDO and Provincial Treasury Office will personally deliver the financial assistance to the houses of indigent SCs and PWD beneficiaries in observance of the strict implementation of Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in the province.

Social Pension program for indigent Senior Citizens and PWDs is additional government aid to assist in the daily expenses for medicine and other medical requirements of indigent senior citizens and PWDs. (pgopaiad)

Source: PSWDO Aurora