As we geared towards new era of innovative leadership, we are shaping the Provincial General Services Office into a sustainable and effective partner in community building by strengthening the Supply and Property Management, Records and Archival Management, Administrative Services and Building and Grounds Maintenance.

We aimed to be the leader in the digitization and automation of our frontline services for effective and efficient delivery of basic services which will redound to the benefits of the public in general. With the strong passion of the new leaders in change and good governance we aspire to be more pro-active and responsive to the needs of the people.

As the Provincial General Services Officer, I enjoined everyone to be more circumspect and prudent in the use of government resources as we strive for excellent public services and highly motivated public servants.


The Provincial General Services Office is envisioned to be the front liner in the effective delivery of basic services to the people of Aurora through a computerized system of reliable supply and property management activities, centralized records and archive scheme and sustainable general services related functions.


Provide a systematic property accountability system, records and archive system and logistical support services.


1.Supply and Property Management Division

1.1. Overall supervision of Supply and Property Management which       includes warehousing, inventory, issuance of supplies and materials to include equipment and properties as well its disposal;

1.2. Responsible also for the reconciliation of PPE’s thru coordination with the Provincial Accounting Office.

2. Records and Archival Management Division

2.1. Guarantee the preservation and accessibility of records and   documents to the public;

2.2. Preserve the primary sources of information as a basic component of records and archival system;

2.3. These documentary includes all necessary and important records, such as real property and correspondence;

2.4. It also includes disposal/disposition of official records and accountable forms;

3. Administrative Division

3.1. Responsible for overseeing all the functions areas of the office;

3.2. Meeting of HR needs thru recommending a productive workforce in the recruitment and hiring process;

3.3. Supervision of administrative works in accordance with CSC rules & regulations.

4. Building and Ground Maintenance Division

4.1.Responsible in the routine and extensive grounds keeping and building maintenance as well as facilities of PGA;

4.2.Responsible also in general Carpentry Works, Electrical, Plumbing, Sanitation and Drainage System of the PGA.

4.3. Periodic maintenance of PGA building and facilities;

4.4. Repair and maintenance of drainage system, manholes, and restoration of water supply;

4.5. Maintain aesthetics of PGA structures by painting and general cleaning;

4.6. Check-up and maintenance of electrical wirings;

4.7. Provide continuous source of Power Supply;

4.8. Replacement of blown out switch, and repair to faulty switches;

4.9. Maintain general sanitation and cleanliness;

5.0. Cutting and trimming of trees and grasses;

5.1. Installation of requested tents, chairs, lighting, and cooling system;

5.2. Cleaning of walls and floors;

5.3. Maintenance of metal grills and utilities;

5.4. Cleaning glass panels and windows;

5.5. Assistance to various PPA’s of PGA.

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Mailing AddressCapitol Building, Brgy Suklayin, Baler, Aurora 3200