Persons with Disability Affairs Office
Program for Persons with Disabilities

This program adheres to the primary principle of the Magna Carta of Persons with Disability that states that Disabled Persons are part of Philippine Society; hence, LGUs are giving full support to the improvement of the total well-being of disabled persons and their integration in to mainstream of society.

The program includes promotion of policies ensuring the rehabilitation, self-development and self-reliance of disabled persons and implementation of projects and services that develop their skills and potentials to enable them to compete favorably for available opportunities.


“A community where all individuals are able to independently cope with the challenges of daily life and are able to contribute freely to the development of their families and communities.”


“To empower the most valuable sectors in the Province of Aurora to become agents of change and development.”

Assistance to Individual in Crisis Situations (AICS)

AICS is the provision of immediate and timely monetary assistance to individuals and families whose social functioning have been temporarily impaired by a crisis situation. Assistance maybe used for medical needs, burial, emergency financial needs and transportation.

Medical Assistance

  • Request for Assistance
  • Medical Abstract/Medical Certificate
  • Prescriptions/Requests for Laboratories
  • Certificate of Indigency

Financial Assistance

  • Request for Assistance
  • Certificate of Indigency

Burial Assistance

  • Request for Assistance
  • Death Certificate
  • Certificate of Indigency
  • Contract of Service

Transportation Assistance

  • Request for Assistance
  • Certificate of Indigency

Early Childhood Care and Development Project

The Early Childhood Care and Development Project includes interventions and services that aim to enhance the quality of delivery of early childhood interventions to children aged three and four years. Early childhood interventions on the other hand are provided young children in order to ensure their holistic development in the social, cognitive, physical and behavioral domains.

Self-Employment Assistance Project (SEA)

SEA is a socialized credit program for groups or individuals who has entrepreneurial skills and who hope to improve their income. The program components include assessment and validation, social preparation, capital assistance, savings mobilization and access to other social services.

SEA Requirements – Individual

  • 2×2 Picture (recent)
  • Barangay Clearance (original)
  • Cedula
  • Valid ID
  • Whole Body Picture with their proposed Business or Location of the proposed business

SEA Requirements – Group

  • 2×2 Picture of Group President (recent)
  • Barangay Clearance of Group President (original)
  • Cedula of Group President
  • List of Group Officers and Members
  • Photocopy of Valid ID’s of Group and Members
  • Photocopy of Group Bank Account
  • Group Pictures with Business

Program for the Elderly

The program maximizes the contribution of senior citizens and their families may be helped and appreciated by the entire community. This includes establishment of community-based health and rehabilitation program for senior citizens.

Women in Development Program

The program aims to enshrine and institutionalize gender equality and women empowerment in accordance to Republic Act No. 9710, or the Magna Carta of Women. It further focuses on establishing protective and preventive services for women who are at risk or victims of any form of abuse and exploitation within the home or work setting.

Out of School Youth Program under the Unlad Kabataan Program/Program for OSY ages 15-24 years old

PSWDO provided opportunities for OSY to develop their positive self-concepts and peer relationship as they engage in interesting, meaningful and useful activities. Youth who lack their opportunities during their out of school youth time often encounter opportunities to feel lonely, develop anti-social behaviors, and become involved in substance and crime. The program also has a livelihood component where OSY may avail of financial assistance to start their own business to establish economic independence.