THE PROVINCE OF AURORA is a rich habitat of diverse flora and fauna. The surrounding Sierra Madre Mountain Range is home to the endangered Philippine Eagle and the rare species of Rafflesia manillana.

Found within its rainforest are species of amphibians, reptiles, birds, and plants. Nature lovers will enjoy bird watching, biking, trekking, and hiking the mountainous landscape of Aurora while totally being charmed by its natural gardens, tropical forest, waterfalls, rivers, and springs.

One of the tallest mountains in Central Luzon, Mt Mingan is found in the province. Truly, AURORA  is a complete eco-tourism destination.

Diamanen falls

Dimanen eco-trail

Hike from Dibanga rock formation

Hike to Mount Tapao


Kayaking at Disalet Creek

Trail from Paltic lighthouse

Trail to Amro river protected landscape

Trail to Dimasalan-Payaspas 3-layer falls

Trail to Kamatis falls AMNP