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Aurora: One Destination… Endless Adventure… #destinationaurora

The Province of Aurora is a perfect eco-tourism destination rich in both natural and cultural attractions. Anchoring its tourism development using the Canopy to Corals (C2C) Concept, it ensures the conservation and protection of its natural and physical environs, from the top of the mountains to its flatlands down to the bottom of the ocean. Its tourism products – Surf, Dive, Trek, and Revel fit not only the adventurous souls but also serve as a haven for serenity and relaxation.

Baler – #akkawbaler

Baler is the capital of the Province of Aurora. It is famous for various historical and natural attractions and is home to the first President of the Philippine Commonwealth, Manuel L. Quezon. It is tagged as the “Birthplace of Philippine Surfing”. Sabang Beach caters to both novice and professional surf riders while Cobra Reef and Charlie’s Point are home to professional surfers. Among the preferred destinations are Baler Church, Dona Aurora House, Baler 400 Marker, Museo de Baler, Ermita Hill, Zabali Hanging Bridge and; Digisit Falls and Beach. On the other hand, PAGASA Weather Station is an emerging attraction as its location offers a spectacular view of Dicasalarin Cove.

Aerial View of Baler Bay from Ermita Hill

Baler Plaza

Cemento Reef Baler

Cobra Reef Surfing

Dicasalarin Cove

Digisit, Baler

House of Doña Aurora

Ermita Hill

Sabang Beach

San Luis Obispo Church

Casiguran – #paradisefoundcasiguran

Casiguran was initially founded as a missionary village in 1609. Its name was derived from the word “kasiguruhan” meaning assurance, safety or defence and serves as a fortress or refuge for fishing boats and ships during stormy weather. Casiguran has preserved its rich cultural heritage of the Agta or Dumagat being the first inhabitants of the town. The entire stretch of San Ildefonso Peninsula is a paradise, from Casiguran Sound to the vast Pacific Ocean side. It has various attractions that will surely capture one’s heart. Nuestra Senora dela Ermita chapel, Casapsapan Beach, Dalugan Beach, Tibo Pool and Rock formation are among the most visited attractions in the municipality.

Bintana Rock Formation

Casapsapan Beach

Casiguran Lighthouse at Ontok Beach

Dangkalan Beach

Dialang Falls San Ildefonso Casiguran

Dibanga Rock Formation

Dibanga Sea Arch

Disigisaw Grassland, Casiguran

Ermita Chapel

Ontok Lighthouse View Deck

Tibo Rock Formation and Pool

Dilasag – #agbiagtidilasag

Dilasag is the northernmost municipality in the province and boasts of its coastline attractions of white sand beaches, reefs and the vast grassland of Parang Hill. Either you’re on your bike or 4-wheel vehicle, you will surely fall in love with the vistas of Dipasaleng Beach, Canawer Beach and Tariktik Point. Brgy. Diniog has two (2) viewpoints where one can relish the breath-taking scenery of flatlands, mountains and seas converge.

Amro River Protected Landscape

Canawer Beach

Casapsapan-Diniog Road

Dipasaleng WMK View Deck

Gayusan Falls


Parang Hill

Pitcher Plants at Parang Hill

Singep Falls

Sunrise at Dipasaleng Beach

View from Diniog View Deck

Dinalungan – #arangkadadinalungan

Dinalungan is the first town to welcome visitors in the northern part of Aurora. Nestled in this town are two (2) protected landscapes, Simbahan-Talagas and Talaytay River. Dinalungan is known for Bulawan Falls which is a proclaimed watershed forest reserve.

Bulawan Falls Dinalungan

Simbahan Beach, Dinalungan

Simbahan-Talagas Protected Landscape

Tabon Beach

Dingalan – #maedupdingalan

Dingalan is the southernmost municipality in Aurora and the seat of the highest peak in the province, Mt. Mingan. The town is popular among trekkers from the urban area and nearby provinces. Anyone will surely seize the moment to strike a pose at Paltic lighthouse and Mountain View while Dingalan Icon and Tanawan Falls are ready to welcome guests upon their entry to the town.

Dingalan Lighthouse at Mountain View

Dingalan Lighthouse

Dingalan Sunrise

Laktas Falls

Lamao Cave

Matawe Beach, Dingalan

Mountain View, Dingalan

Mount Tapao

Paltic Beach, Dingalan

Suwa Rock Formation

Dipaculao – #wowdipaculao

Dipaculao is widely known for its two (2) beaches, Amper and Dinadiawan. Amper Beach is adorned with rounded stones and a beach stack which every traveler in the area will definitely stop to take a shot. In contrast, Dinadiawan Beach is a long coastline of white sand. Dipaculao is also visited by divers and snorkelers as Brgy. Dibutunan has a declared Marine Protected Area where various marine life species can be found without having the need for a boat.

Aerial View of Dinadiawan Beach

Aleman Falls at Dinadiawan River Protected Landscape

Amper Beach Scenic Highway

Baul Falls at Dinadiawan River Protected Landscape

Diamanen Falls

Diarabasin Beach

Dinadiawan Beach

Kengkeng Beach

Trail to Baul Falls

Maria Aurora – #gandangmariaaurora

Maria Aurora is the only landlocked municipality in the province. Situated in town is the 600-year old Banyan Tree which is one of the oldest and biggest of its kind. A large portion of Aurora Memorial National Park is also located in Maria Aurora and offers a wide range of flora and fauna including a number of waterfalls.

Aurora Memorial National Park

Dimasingay View Deck

To Dimasingay View Deck

Wild Strawberries

Lamig Falls

Aurora Transbasin

Balete Tree

Dimasalan Falls

Dimasalan-Payaspas 3-Layer Falls

San Luis – #discoversanluis

San Luis is frequented by tourists to see the stunning Ditumabo Falls. Aside from its inland beauty, the town is endowed with beautiful coastlines of white sand, rock formations, sea stacks and sea arches. It played an important part in the World War II history when US Submarines Narwhal and Nautilus disembarked armaments and supplies in Dibut Bay.

Dibulalan Beach

Dibut Beach


Dimanayat Hanging Bridge

Ditumabo Falls

Kinatoknagan Falls


Labgan Cave

Labgan Rock Formation